Live to Air Radio Gig with 3RRR FM and The Bombay Royale

As a music lover living and working in Melbourne, the access and appreciation to listening and watching live music is truly incredible.

We are very lucky and most of our community and friends respect the point.

Also as a resident of the North driving to and from work each day, the dilemma for working out which radio station to listen too was an easy
choice after some community consultation when moving to Melbourne 8 years ago. The history and heritage of 3RRR FM as a radio station is
ever lasting and far-reaching and I thank the station for their ongoing diversity and dedication to the arts and music and for also making my
life journey each day more complete and worthwhile.

So recently when I asked the awesome 3RRR folk if I was able to get on-board and help shoot music photography, I was pretty stoked when the
answer came back, yes Mike.

People who know me will well understand, that music is very close to my heart and an important part of my everyday life.

I have been lucky enough to listening to music since I was a very small lad and I have to thank my Mum for that special ongoing introduction.

Move forwarding to Brunswick Melbourne, 3pm, August 2, 2017, my first ever shoot with 3RRR FM, The Bombay Royale and with the man
himself, Mr Johnny Topper.

Straight up, what a vibe, what a gig, what great people (the 3RRR Staff, The Band and the community who came to listen) and what a first photography shoot. An amazing shared experience. I have listened and watched The Bombay Royale a number of times over the years and luckily I knew what I was getting myself into, a fantastic live musical performance with gold and glitter and a lot of cool musicians. I wish Mum were still around to see these types of performances.

Do yourself a favour, support local community radio stations like 3RRR FM. Support great local bands like The Bombay Royale.

Seek, enjoy and find new acts to follow, whatever style, whatever genre. I love show gaze, punk and jazz, ok pretty much anything.

I wish to thank Lauren, Annaliese, Grace, Mr J Topper, the 3RRR FM community and of course, The Bombay Royale.

I cannot wait until the next wonderful musical assignment 3RRR.

Our community rocks!


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