The #19

When you get asked to shoot street -photography your way with your look and feel it’s an amazing feeling and honour, especially when you get asked by CBRE City Sales in conjunction with fine dinning restaurant Coda Melbourne.

My objective was to showcase Melbourne’s iconic China Town, Her Majesty’s Theatre and Coda.

One shoot, one evening, once only. Perfect.

Preparation is always a delight for me. Get my camera backpack ready, walk 800 metres to my tram stop, have unexpected awesome conversation with my community along the way and then jump straight onto the beloved #19 tram to a destination I never tire of, Melbourne CBD.

I knew straight up it would be a great evening, the tram was full of wonderful people and when I hopped off the #19 at Bourke St Mall the city was a buzz.

The vibe was on, all those city noises I feel at home with, the live music on the streets, the open conversations you hear walking to your destinations, the fashion, the bike bells, the tram noises and yes those city lights, I love those city lights.

First stop, walk straight to Her Majesty’s Theatre, just in time to shoot the stampede of theatregoers as they leave for a restaurant or a wine bar.  I arrived to that stampede, it was perfect timing and everyone was happy, including myself, next stop Kate at Coda, two shots to go.

For the shot of Coda I wished to photograph the appeal of the restaurant from the perspective of the staff and to Kate and your wonderful staff I thank you for trusting me with that opportunity.

Final destination for the evening was China Town, I purposely left this street shoot to last and I arrived to a sea of people and a sea of creative opportunity.

I needed to rest and I spent the next 30 minutes quietly gathering my thoughts watching and enjoying Little Bourke Street with no camera in hand.  It is fare to say that at all times I was quietly thinking, what will unfold tonight? What will appear? What street photographs will I captured to represent China Town Melbourne tonight?

Note to self, I have also learnt through the art of street photography over the years that you cannot force anything to appear or happen, there is an unwritten agreement with the city you represent at the time, the moment you are about to capture with your camera will just unfold and you need to be ready for that one time street moment. It’s a gift and you need to treat that gift with dignity and respect.

I paused and quietly got my camera ready, I proceeded to walked slowly passed Jucy Bao

(a busy China Town Restaurant) on the opposite side of the road and out of no where that street photography gift emerged as quick as it needed to appear, click, and then it was gone.

Thank you Jucy Bao and thank you to our wonderful street community for the help you gave, my job was done.

The immediacy of the projects requirements and the sharp fact you will be walking into your beloved city streets to shoot the unknown is a perfect combination of exhilaration and total satisfaction and generally after a shoot of this calibre I am pretty exhausted and quite emotional and this shoot was no exception.

I did celebrated though by jumping back on my beloved #19 tram and headed swiftly to my local brew house to enjoy a post shoot Stomping Ground IPA.

I wish to thank my hometown Melbourne, the #19 Tram, Bianca, Ting Ting, Marco and Kate and I look forward to the next ride.

Melbourne you never disappoint.


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