The Reclink Community Cup

As a street photographer it’s hard to hide excitement and enthusiasm when you get the chance to shoot a community event right in your very own backyard.

Anticipation always leads the way for me and participating and shooting the recent
Reclink Community Cup within the hallowed grounds of Victoria Park Collingwood was no exception.

What a day, I got to hang out with my beloved community, watch the mighty Megahertz and Rockdogs go head to head in a AFL footy spectacular, (and these boys and girls can play footy), eat awesome food, drink beer and wait for it,
listen to awesome music acts over the course of the afternoon and evening.

It really does not get any better than this for me.

This year’s event was unbelievable, so well run, so well supported and so much fun, 10,000 people were in attendance, I am still buzzing from the event 1 week later.

Ok the LunchBoxPictures highlight reel for the day….

  1. Changing the venue back to the North was the best move ever.
  2. Chris Gill (3RRR Fame) can play football.
  3. How good is The Peep Tempel? (What a band, go and see them live).
  4. I love Spiderbait, I love Spiderbait, I truly LOVE Spiderbait.
  5. Congratulations to everyone that was involved. (3RRR, PBS, The Muso’s, the Food Vendors, The Beer People and the 10,000 people that attended).

It was a truly an epic community event.

I was able to hold myself together and I did capture some Lunchbox Pictures moments and I left the Sunday afternoon Community Cup feeling proud and full of community pride.

Till next year, I’m off to listen to The Peep Tempel and Spiderbait via Spotify.

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